Christmas Cosmetic Climb

Wednesday 30th December 2009

Before Christmas we saw the controversial news surrounding the UK’s biggest cosmetic surgeons, Transform, and their seasonal offers guaranteeing patients who booked before Christmas a reduced price on not one but two surgeries. Healthcare professionals were up in arms over the company’s incentive to have two surgeries, but it appears the cosmetic surgery giants have walked out of Christmas victorious.

This year has seen a higher amount of people in the UK having cosmetic treatments during the festive period, allowing them to recover before they go back to work.  Whilst Christmas time is generally a busy time for cosmetic surgery anyway, last year saw a decline due to the recession. However, this year Dr. Mallucci, who owns a private cosmetic practice, describes patients as “shoe-horning” themselves into appointments at his clinic. The demand for non-surgical cosmetic surgery this Christmas rose a huge 20-30% compared to last year with some consultants claiming a 15-20% increase in surgical treatments, most commonly liposuction and tummy tucks.

Therefore, whilst many of us are still seeing the effects of the recession, it appears the cosmetic surgery industry is walking out the other side with its head held high. It also appears that cosmetic surgeries are the perfect Christmas present with this month alone seeing Transform performing 1,052 surgical procedures compared to their monthly average of 706; and 11,167 non-surgical procedures compared to 7,812.  Additionally, Botox has also increased by nearly a quarter of what it was last year.

With the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) annual publishing of their statistics to be released early in January of the New Year, perhaps the stigma of cosmetic surgery is going to begin to fade. With so many people suffering from tightened wallets yet still investing in plastic surgery, there lies a harsh reality that cosmetic surgery has become fundamentally important to thousands of Briton’s.

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