Award for Top Cosmetic Surgeries of 2009

Friday 8th January 2010

The UK’s cosmetic surgery giants The Harley Medical Group have released their official statistics as to what surgeries proved the most popular throughout 2009. It has already been commented upon that despite the economic climate, the cosmetic surgery industry has seen little effects. Chairman of The Harley Medical Group, Mel Braham, hopefully expects a further 20% increase in non-surgical treatments throughout 2010.

Not only are figures of cosmetic surgeries ever-rising, the shock perhaps comes in the amount of men included within these figures. According to these figures released by The Harley Medical Group, the cosmetic surgery procedures for men has increased by 5% with a total of 18% of their overall patients being male. This rise is not expected to fall either, with one spokesperson from the ESCP Europe Business School, Jeremy Baker, suggesting that there is a huge emphasis on how we look and men don’t want to be left behind in this. Perhaps more surprising was the 24% increase on a month-to-month basis during September at the company’s clinic in London – this has been suggested to be due to the return of banker’s bonuses.

Not only do non-surgical treatments seem to be rapidly on the increase, they only account for 32% of all their business with surgical treatments also on the increase. Breast augmentations are still the leading type of surgery but are being fast-approached by rhinoplasties and face and neck lifts which saw a 17% increase in November. 

A survey was also conducted in America, asking 2,200 people their thoughts on plastic surgery, and over 50% of them said they would have plastic surgery if they could afford it. The top cosmetic procedure was teeth whitening but was closely followed by tummy tucks and liposuction. This sheer expanse of the industry can be seen clearly in the UK alone with The Harley Medical Group’s continuation plans for 8 new clinics to open soon despite the current climate.

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