Beauty Really is More Than Skin Deep

Saturday 6th March 2010

Unfortunately, the classic saying which many of us use or have heard, that beauty is only skin deep, really isn’t that true according to the latest report by L’Oréal. The report is published in the latest edition of Chemical and Engineering News and links beauty traits to molecules deep within our bodies.

Investigations are underway by the popular high-street brand into just what creates various beautiful attributes that different people aspire too. They are looking deep into the physics and biology of bodies to determine factors such as straight hair, curly hair and hair colour. Scientists will be exploring the hair for particular cell types, protein structures and biochemistry aspects to try and discover just what molecules create certain characteristics of the hair. For example, they hope to discover just what molecules create the colour of our hair, the shape of our hair and even what gives hair its natural sheen. Thus, these new investigations could actually spell revolutionary new ideas into beauty products; with the possibility of a pill developed that would change hair colour as opposed to the dye traditionally used. It could even lead to the end of straighteners if a particular molecule can be identified and a drug induced to create the same effect.

L’Oréal’s investigation is incredibly exciting, not only for beauty products but for the deep molecular science of the human body. By identifying particular molecules for specific things such as hair colour and shine, this could lead to a whole host of other useful molecules defined for other medical/scientific investigations. L’Oréal’s work is vast and varied as they are also trying to develop a sun screen that better protects the skin; they are trying to find the shape of hair’s origins; and even just what effects the way a woman applies her make-up could have. The sheer complexities of some of these investigations also show that L’Oréal’s beauty as a brand is much more than skin deep.

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