Bone Structure Changes the New Ageing Culprit

Friday 26th March 2010

The ageing process is often defied by people using plastic surgery methods to reduce the age of their appearance.  Often this has included botox or other treatments that target the skins surface and smoothes out wrinkles.  However, new research at the University of Rochester (US) by surgery resident Robert Shaw, M.D. and Howard N. Langstein, M.D. has suggested that this might not be the main problem, and instead larger bone changes are the main cause of ageing. 

Over time facial bones are seen to change, with the jaw bone in particular getting larger with a less pronounced angle over time.  The research was conducted using CT scans of 120 people of varying ages.  The jaw is a major part of your facial make up, and seriously affects the appearance of your face.  It can have an impact on the look of the mouth, jaw line and neck.  When the angle starts to change it can mean that definition is lost within these areas.

As a result of this research it is possible that ain the future age defying surgery will include implants of the chin, jaw or cheeks in order to counter act the problems caused by a changing bone structure within the face.  This in itself could help to tighten up the skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles, but it would be more effective if other forms of skin tightening was also used alongside implants. 

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