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Irish Teens in Age Dysmorphia

Sunday 28th February 2010

According to a new study, Irish teenagers are joining in with the worldwide phenomena of age dysmorphia that is beginning to affect increasing amounts of teenagers. In an attempt for perfection hundreds of young twenty-something’s are going under the knife, and are even taking it to an extreme with surgery binges in which they undergo more than one surgery at a time.

According to recent reports in Ireland, many young girls are now becoming image obsessed with many clinics reporting a rise in botox procedures as a prevention for later aging signs. Not only that but the average age of people having cosmetic procedures both surgical and non-surgical is slowly declining with breast enlargements being the most popular procedure in girls of the age 18-25. Surgeons argue that they are helping these young women gain the confidence they do not have or that they are helping to rebuild their image after a traumatic incident. Whilst skeptics remain concerned that the rising amount of young people, particularly women, who are undergoing cosmetic surgery are being largely influenced by the media and do not know when to stop. People in the media, like Heidi Montag of the famous reality show The Hills don’t help the situation. Heidi Montag apparently underwent a cosmetic surgery binge of a supposed $30,000; including botox, breast enlargement, buttock augmentation, liposuction…the list continues. Such a change in image at the mere age of 23 does show the extremities of cosmetic surgery; with 10 surgeries performed in one day, one has to ask the question as to just how much abuse the body can take.

Heidi Montag may be in the minority of young girls subjecting themselves to cosmetic surgery of a vast proportion; but with the numbers increasingly rapidly in Ireland and many other countries; many critics are questioning when this age dysmorphia will end.

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