Office Workers Look Older

Saturday 25th September 2010

A top plastic surgeon has warned that spending your day in front of a computer could cause drooping jowls and deep set wrinkles that age the face. According to the Daily Mail, Harley Street consultant Dr Michael Prager has warned that a growing number of working professionals seemed to be developing signs of premature following long days spent frowning or squinting at their computer screens.

The Botox specialist explained that women who work at a computer tend to spend much of their time looking downwards at the screen which causes the neck muscles to shorten and sag, and results in unsightly jowls.

And Dr Pager warns that as computer technology has grown to become an intrinsic part of daily life, he soon expects to see a growing number of younger women – some as young as twenty – who will look old before their years and may resort to using non surgical line and wrinkle filling treatments including Botox and injectables, as a result of what he terms 'computer face'.

However, the cosmetic surgeon has said that facial exercises including puckering the lips or stretching the neck by looking upwards and to the side, could help to off-set the damage caused by sitting at the computer for extended periods of time.

Dr Prager also advised women to keep a mirror by their desk so they can catch sight of themselves frowning or squinting – and put a stop to such wrinkle causing behavior.

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