Plump lips & a pout are the key to looking younger

Wednesday 13th January 2010

Well ladies, it appears that grey hair, wrinkles and general signs of age can all be eradicated with plump lips and a pout. In research conducted internationally at seven top universities they found that not only do plump lips provide the most predominant feature to help you look longer, but also investigated just why our lips can become shrunken with age.

The research involved the examination of over a hundred Dutch and British women to determine what influences the signs of age. Interestingly they found that things such as fuller lips, grey hair and receding hair lines were all established through genes; as opposed to age spots, wrinkles and sun damage being influenced equally through genes and environmental elements. One of the leading researchers David Gunn comments on how struck they were by the difference in lip fullness in the women they investigated. For example, in women over 60 the lip measurements from the bottom of the lower lip to the top of the upper lip varied from 3mm to 2.2cm! Evidently, this lip measurement is one that can be easily measured and determined; with the thinning of lips process beginning around the age of 30. Thinning lips can be due to the natural sagging of the face, with the lips rolling inwards.

However, whilst doctors have discovered this interesting genetic factor in many women, not all of them advise seeking lip enhancement surgeries. Lip surgeries available are Botox or lip implants, but doctors warn that the use of these will look very unnatural, particularly alongside the natural aging features of a woman. Some plastic surgeons advise the monitoring of lip size, and if they do appear to be shrinking, to seek surgery before they have shrunk dramatically. Don’t despair if your lips have shrunk as other studies into the signs of age show that things such as larger eyes and face contours can all help make you look younger.

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