After Dermal Fillers & Long-Term Effects

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If you have had your Dermal Fillers procedure yet or not, either way you could be wondering what surprises there are in store for you after your Dermal Fillers treatment; what after-effects and long-term effects there are, and how the healing process will turn.

Once the procedure is over the positive direct effects you are likely to witness and feel is a more toned, less wrinkled face which will become more and more pronounced for the 24 hours following the procedure; especially the first eight hours. Over those eight hours you will notice your skin comfortably tightening and the wrinkles filling in, hopefully with pleasurable results. At the same time be prepared for your skin to start swelling slightly, with quaint bruises and a redness coming on covering most of the face, in particular the areas of the face that were treated. These effects will pass in the next few days leaving you with clearer, smoother skin.

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