Dermal Fillers & Age

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There is an age restriction of 18 years for legal and safety reasons, for Dermal Fillers treatment.

Although even though medically anyone over the age of 18 years can be administered the treatment, it is a good idea not to get any until at least middle age as it is unnecessary, as many practitioner will tell you. Before your late 30s, your skin should still retain it's natural plumpness and contoured nature without any wrinkles or sagging, as such the process would be lost on such young skin. Although the above is true, heavy drinking and smoking can speed up the signs of aging so it is possible to need Dermal Fillers at a younger age.  Further, you may experience earlier signs of aging, such as smile-lines, blemishes, scars left from acne, spots and unevenness of the chin and nose contours.

It is worth noting that if you are a teen or in your early to mid-twenties, your skin, like the rest of your body may still be growing and as such you may experience unwanted effects when mixed with Dermal Fillers. At such a young age it would be more prudent to seek out a cosmetician or dermatologist first to access the suitability of your skin and the alternative methods there are to looking younger without Dermal Fillers or any permanent or semi-permanent plastic surgery.

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