Preparing for Dermal Fillers

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Preparation for the Dermal Fillers procedure is very important. Though the procedure has a very low risk level, has near to no side-effects and heals in a matter of days it is important that your body and most importantly your skin is ready and up to the treatment. You don't want to be in any unnecessary discomfort or pain during the procedure, and remember that this is a treatment that should be making you feel better, not worse.

The best way to prepare for Dermal Fillers to make sure you are ready before the treatment by keeping your body healthy. It is also important to keep your skin, especially the areas in which the procedure will be working on, in good condition. That means moisturising and keeping it clean so that pores are not damaged when the treatment occurs. It isn't dangerous but it is advisable not to have any acne, spots, white or blackheads present while the procedure is taking place as they may cause pain. The same advice goes for any existing skin conditions such as eczema and syrisis that affect you around the neck, face and scalp. 

As stated before, these are just cautionary measures to make the procedure as simple and pain free. If you have any issues concerning skin disorders it is advisable to contact a dermatologist, a cosmetician or your surgeon as it is unwise going ahead with any procedure without knowing if your body is fit enough. Bare in mind that appointment’s can delayed if your skin is not in a good condition or if you are suffering an outbreak. Don't go ahead with any procedure because you feel obligated; each decision should be in your hands alone.

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