Dermal Filler Training in the UK

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Dermal Filler training in the UK is generally taken over a weekend course spanning one or two days at a clinic. The topics covered include: dermal filler materials, review of dermal fillers, treatment responses and the negative effects of dermal fillers, pain killers and anaesthetics with dermal fillers, how to recognise where to use dermal fillers and proper injection techniques.

Trainees use models to practice injecting each different brand of dermal fillers and experimenting with the possible outcomes. This is cross-sectioned against their knowledge of the skin, the face and of aging effects on the skin. This is referenced with their knowledge of the different areas of the face and how the types of dermal fillers react differently to different signs of ageing.

The intensive two day course ensures that the aesthetic practitioner/surgeon is certified and qualified to teach only the newest and best techniques.

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