Dermal Fillers for Deep Wrinkles

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Wrinkles are a common effect of ageing, as the skin loses elasticity and firmness, creases and folds can appear. Other factors such as weight loss or smoking can increase the amount of wrinkles, and lessen the overall appearance of the skin. Deep wrinkles are the most persistent of these creases, and little can be done to disguise them with topically applied cosmetics. Common locations for deep wrinkles are: temples; forehead; the corners of the mouth; around the eyes and tear ducts; temples; and jaw line. As people are living longer and fuller lives, you can feel that your outer appearance may not reflect the youthful and vitality-filled personality within. Wrinkles are a constant outward reminder of age, and removing them can have an extremely positive effect on your mental state.

Options for Deep Wrinkles

Dermal fillers can offer a real solution to those who suffer with deep wrinkles, and a wide range of products on the UK market can be used to as treatment. The procedure can usually produce good results, which last up to 9 months. Subtle overall improvement, with a gradual build up of filler along problem areas can be the most pleasing and natural look and create a more pleasant facial contour. The first treatment can often be the most substantial and dramatic, with any subsequent treatments acting as a ‘top up’ for this first process. An alternative can be polymethyl methacrylate, or PMMA, which essentially consists of a treatment of injections of microspheres of plastic suspended in a biological fluid such as collagen or other dermal filler. This can have a permanent effect on the affected area. However since the effect is permanent it can have an unusual or irregular appearance as the skin ages and changes naturally around the treatment. The advantage of hyaluronic treatment is that it is absorbed naturally into the skin over a gradual period of time, creating a more natural look. Some redness and slight swelling and discomfort can be expected in the treated area, for a few days after the procedure. Because modern dermal filler treatments work alongside the natural bodily processes, and because the treatment is non-invasive there is a relatively low risk of complications or side effects. Despite this you ought to discuss any and all possible outcomes with your consultant before undergoing treatment.

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