Dermal Fillers for the Nose

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Your nose is often considered the most distinctive and prominent facial feature. Due to its central position in the face the nose has a significant impact on the overall look and balance of your face. Naturally, if you are dissatisfied with this characteristic facial feature, as many people are, it can be very disturbing and undermining. Common concerns are: uneven or misshapen noses; damaged or broken noses; insignificant or weakened noses; large or bulbous noses.

Surgery for you Nose or Dermal Fillers?

Reshaping, or rhinoplasty, can dramatically alter the appearance of a person’s face and there is no more noticeable place to alter shape and appearance than your nose. Dermal filler can act as part of the rhinoplasty process, although sometimes a more invasive procedure which either removes or reshapes the cartilage in the nose, or bone correction, might be the best method. One of the advantages of operating on this area is that scarring tends to be minimal, as reshaping can be conducted through the internal part of the nose, leaving the area smooth and undamaged. A weak nose can be built up over time through augmentation rhinoplasty. Invasive surgery is, by its very nature, more risky than a non-invasive treatment. Any extensive rhinoplasty would have to be carried out under general anaesthetic and the risks of this should be carefully discussed with your consultant and surgeon. As dermal filler can usually be executed under local anaesthetic and is non-invasive it carries less possible risks, but you should expect some redness and swelling for this type of procedure. You should make sure your consultant discusses with you any and all possible side effects and outcomes with you before you agree to undergo any procedure.

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