How long do Dermal Fillers Last?

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The Dermal Fillers treatment can and should last between six and nine months with no need to protect the treatment or use any cosmetics to increase it's length, potency or effect. Of course this time is effected by the patients skin, the ability and competence of the aesthetic practitioner/surgeon and the type of filler used.

After 6-12 months the Dermal Filler effects will appear to weaken until your skin returns to it's pre-treatment state. The reason it degrades at such speed is because your skin is not geared to holding the collagen or other filler substances under the skin once the original natural collagen degrades.

How long do I have to wait till I can have the Dermal Fillers treatment again?

The Dermal Fillers treatment can, unless your aesthetic practitioner/surgeon tells you otherwise, be administered every time the effects from the previous procedure has dissipated. This gives an average of about once every nine months. You will be informed approximately when you can return for re-treatment. If in one set of treatment you only targeted one area of the face, say the cheeks, then the treatment can be repeated sooner on another part of the face, like the brow, the chin or the nose. It is worth considering each time whether you think you need more treatment and that you are not just falling into a routine and a cycle of having the procedure every nine months as this could lead to even more unwanted wear and tear on the skin.

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