Risks & Side-Effects of Dermal Fillers

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Though the procedure sounds complicated and risky, Dermal Fillers are amazingly safe. Compared to many treatments in the same strand of dermatology and cosmetics, Dermal Fillers lack the many risks or side effects. The side effects of Dermal Fillers are usually mild and temporary, lasting from a few days to a week in length and without any serious pains or repercussions. As such, this makes Dermal Fillers one of the safest anti-aging treatments available on the market.

Side Effects of Dermal Fillers

When it comes to Dermal Fillers there are two main side effects. The first side effect which effect’s everyone who takes the procedure, albeit to different degrees of severity, is bruising. This occurs where the needle impacts and pierces the skin. The bruise will be soft and delicate but very temporary and if recovery goes as planned the bruises should last only a very few days.

The bruises occur where the needles did the filling and it is just the sign of broken tissue being repaired and a healthy blood stream treating the wound. These will only be slight yellowish bruises with no long-term damage attached to them. The bruising can be helped with warm compresses and by not adding more stress to the facial muscles.

The second side effect is more significant but much less common - a slight allergic reaction. This could occur as a reaction to the filler substance used or the needle itself, but this is very rare and will only add a slight redness and swelling for a few days. The allergic reaction will also go away in a very days with no permanent damage to body.

These side effects are mild and do not last long, though if you are worried about them, it is best to consult a nurse or the aesthetic practitioner/surgeon about your worries before the treatment. It is worth noting that with a qualified and trusted aesthetic practitioner/surgeon you are a lot less likely to find an allergic reaction, as they will find the right filler for you, your wants and needs and your skin type. A aesthetic practitioner/surgeon with experience will also leave a lot less bruising and swelling. If you know of any allergic reactions you have previously experienced you should consult your GP for suitability for the treatment and inform your aesthetic practitioner/surgeon.

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