Dermal Fillers and Plastic Surgery

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Dermal Fillers are often an alternative to more extreme anti-aging surgeries, such as facelifts and botox; these can be much more dangerous, leaving much longer periods of stress and healing time on the body before the effects are shown. They also require much stronger personal fitness, diet and health and should be seen as a last resort.

As opposed to these extreme methods Dermal Fillers are apparent after only ten minutes, last for around nine months and have much less preparation and healing time to deal with and are a lot safer with near to no side-effects.

Some people even use Dermal Fillers as a way to prepare and ready their bodies for more extreme plastic surgery to see if they are ready for it and to see if the cost is worth the effects; this is because face-lifts and other styles of plastic surgery are also much more expensive, sometimes ranging into thousands of pounds while Dermal Fillers can cost less than £100.

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