Types of Dermal Fillers

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The types of Dermal Fillers range from the natural tissues, chemicals and substances below your skin such as collagen to more artificial means and chemicals. It is important to pick this substance carefully if you wish to be fully satisfied by the Dermal Fillers treatment. It is important if you are a vegetarian to make sure the product you are using does not use or contain any products that are not inline with your beliefs/ethics. It is equally important that you make a full list of known allergens that affect you in case they are used in a Dermal Filler.

Aphrodite Gold

This is made from Atelocollagen and Polymethylmetacrylate and has longer lasting effects than natural collagen but also takes longer for the initial effects to become noticeable. 


This is made from a near natural composition based off hyaluronic acid which is an apparent chemical in the skin already. Restylane is used generally only on finer lines and wrinkles but it retains water under the skin and keeps the body young looking in another way, through the hydration of the skin. Restylane is also used from non-animal tissue and is safer, vegetarian friendly and has no effect on patients with animal allergens. There are no serious recorded side effects to this type of Dermal Filler making it one of the most popular around.

Hydrafill & Juvederm

These are made from a similar substance as Restylane and have similar effects both positive and negative with their chief notability being in the protection of natural hyaluronic acid in the skin and the hydration of the face.


This is a more long lasting Dermal Filler sometimes pushing on to two years in effects or more. The Sculptra Dermal Filler is made from Poly-L-Lactic acid which though being compatible with the skin, is not a natural substance. It has more side effects, which comes as the pay off of the long-term effects. The side effects include: bleeding as well as bruising and redness and the formation of bumps under the skin which appear when pressure is given to the face. Sessions of Sculptra injections can be taken over a twelve-week period which can increase the length of the Dermal Filler further.


This has the same compound found in Restlyane, Hydrafill and Juvederm, focusing primarily on hyaluronic acid though in a larger concentration and as such gives it a more suited use in deeper wrinkles, crows feet and dimples whereas the other three are used on the finer lines of the skin. 


Natural Collagen is still popular due to its length of use and is the most tried Dermal Filler to date. The unfortunate side effect of natural collagen though, is that it is more prone to causing allergic reactions and as such a trial injection must be administered one month before the treatment to find reactions in the patients skin. Other than this, Collagen has been found to be effective on all the skin of the face, from fine to large wrinkles and lasts from three to four months.

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