Collagen in Dermal Fillers

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Collagen is a natural protein contained in both our bodies and our skin, making up around 30% of our entire protein mass. When we age this tissue, which resides below our skin, thins out and causes our skin to lose it's hydration, elasticity and youthful fullness. Here, Dermal Fillers become an attractive prospect. 

These fillers are made up of different substances headed under different brand names, ranging from natural collage to artificial collagen to even more specified substances such as hyaluronic acid and Restylane. These give a better look, reduce healing time and increase the duration of effect. Injected under the skin, in areas where the tissue has collapsed and diminished over time, they re-plump and revitalise an aging organ. As such collagen is the key substance of Dermal Fillers and is the answer to bringing back old skin to life.

These Dermal Filler injections come in two major styles; semi-permanent and permanent. This can change the effects from lasting from six to nine months to years. It is the difference between natural collagen and more artificial substances which changes the length so drastically.

It is fundamentally important that you assess your reasons for having Dermal Fillers before you consider the treatment as effects cannot be reversed, for this reason starting out with natural collagen may be a much better choice for those who are unsure of the procedure and are fearful of having the treatment.

Using the collagen wrinkles are removed; the tiny crevices in the skin are pushed upwards to leave a toned, smoothed look. Simply said, Dermal Fillers are just an artificial means of replacing lost collagen in your body.

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