Healing after Dermal Fillers

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After the Dermal Fillers procedure expect a mild pain around the bruises and the puncture marks from the injections, over a few days. Although the pain should subside over this time to nothingness you may need to take some weak painkillers such as paracetamol. The best remedy for the pain is just to try not to aggravate the face; for example, try not to talk too much, strain your eyes or twist your face as the muscles will be weak and the ache will just further increase the pain. The best healing conditions is to wash with a soft luke warm flannel to keep your skin moisturised and fresh while aiding the healing process. Even without such measures, the longest you will experience pain for is up to a week or two weeks in rare cases.

It is important to know that the increased sense of youth, a wrinkle free face, removed crows feet and a softer, rounder face doesn’t last forever. Treatment is often required after 6 months. 

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