Dermal Fillers for Weak Chins

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A weak chin has the appearance of the face transitioning almost directly into the neck. A chin or the jaw line can also lack definition and this affects the overall look of the facial area. This type of physical feature can seriously undermine your confidence, as it is often associated with a weak character. Treatments are available to improve the general look of the jaw and chin area, and dermal filler is an excellent way to shape and alter the facial contours to a more agreeable aspect.

Dermal filler such as Juvederm, Sculptra or Radiesse can be used on the cheek bones or around the chin bone to tighten the skin and create more definition in the chin and jowl area, reducing the appearance of the weak chin. Another solution is the application of Radiesse or similar bulking filler, which can be applied directly to the chin area in order to bulk out and form a stronger chin and jaw line. Results can be significant for either of these treatments, and can be seen immediately after treatment. The results are temporary, as with all reabsorbing fillers. A little swelling and redness around the treated area can be expected for a few days after any procedure, and naturally the more extensive the treatment the more discomfort you might experience. Although dermal fillers carry little risk of side effects or complications you ought to consult extensively with your aesthetic practitioner before undertaking any treatment.

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