Botox versus Dermal Fillers

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When comparing Botox to dermal fillers, it is very important to first establish the difference between the two. Botox is a muscle relaxant and is, like dermal fillers, injected into the skin but it works by relaxing the different facial muscles so that folds of skin don't push against each other and create the appearance of wrinkles. This only works on wrinkles that appear solely when the facial muscles are tensed, mainly around the mouth and forehead.

In contrast dermal fillers are used at a much later stage and work by filling the creases and wrinkles themselves once they have been established in the skin. This is accomplished by injected hyaluronic acid and collagen into the skin which pushes the skin upwards and flattens it out.

Using this information it is possible to work out which of the two would best suit your skin- if your wrinkles are deep and established you require dermal fillers but if they are shallow and only appear when the facial muscles are tensed, such as when wincing or when laughing then Botox maybe more suitable.

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