Dermal Filler Surgeons/Practitioners

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It is important to know and trust the surgeon/practitioner you choose for the Dermal Fillers treatment and to not just assume that because a surgeon is qualified that he/she is good at performing the treatment. A suitable surgeon is key to getting good quality treatment, reliable information and an acceptable price.

Note that Dermal Fillers do not have to be performed by surgeons and other aesthetic practitioners/surgeons can include dentists or nurses with the right training and experience.

How do I find a suitable Dermal Fillers practitioner?

To find a suitable practitioner for the Dermal Fillers procedure it is best using testimonials of former patients and using their opinion and feedback. On most websites and pamphlets offering the treatment there is likely to be a testimonials page that is worth consulting though be careful of bias. Try and find as many relative views as you can on each Dermal Fillers practitioner you look for to make sure you get who you really want.

It is also advisable looking at a list of qualified practitioners and how long they have been practicing and what qualifications and experience they have under their belt. Experience is a very important aspect to concentrate on because though people can be qualified to lead the treatment, they may not have completed many treatments and therefore may not have the necessities required to carry out the procedure well. 

Make sure to quiz and query your surgeon before the treatment; if the practitioner is in fact suitable to carry out the treatment then he/she will be very open to reassuring you on his/her merits and experience. Make sure not to sign up to any procedure or any practitioner without being 100% sure.

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