Cost of Dermal Fillers

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There is no set cost for Dermal Fillers as each clinic and aesthetic practitioner/surgeon is free to charge what he or she wants on a case-to-case basis; which makes it of course difficult to judge. Dermal Fillers are a relatively cheap procedure and it is best to not be caught out by over expensive prices. You can expect to pay £100 to £300.

You may find a Dermal Fillers price below £100 but be careful that a low cost does not shadow the quality of the treatment you will be receiving. Be cautious of any under priced aesthetic practitioner/surgeon and make sure to check their experience before having the procedure.

In the same vein of thinking, don't be shocked to find overly expensive surgeons; you may be paying for their years of knowledge and expertise. Although again, don't rush straight in; just because you paying a lot doesn't always mean they are worth the price.

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