Dermal Fillers Procedure

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You may have already found a suitable, trusted surgeon at a good price and you might be physically fit and ready for the procedure but the procedure itself might still be a mystery to you and the fear of it may be keeping you back.

With everything, the exact details of the procedure is likely to change from country to country, from clinic to clinic and from clinician to clinician but here is how a possible procedure will run.

You are likely to be introduced, if you haven't been previously, to your clinician/aesthetic practitioner and possibly to a nurse. They will take you through into a medical chair and talk you through the treatment, it's effects and the procedure for a last time, to make sure you are comfortable and ready. 

They will then administer a local anaesthetic over the face, most importantly covering the areas which are going to be treated by the procedure. Once the anaesthetic has taken effect, they will begin to inject you with the Dermal Filler that you and your aesthetic practitioner/surgeon saw fit for use on your body, dependant on what effects you wanted to see. This will be done using tiny needles, which make ducts in your skin for the Dermal Fillers to lay. This part of the procedure can last anywhere up to 50 minutes, if you are having a lot of injections. 

You will then be asked to relax and stay seated to let the Dermal Fillers do their job without any outside interference or stress. After this cooling down period you should be shown to a mirror to see the effects of the treatment straight away. This should be followed by warnings and protocols to ensure that you are not uncomfortable, under any unusual strain or pain. It is in these moments afterwards that you will feel the swelling, redness and bruising coming on; remember that the pain should be mild but even if it is mild, you should not drive immediately following treatment.

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