Mesotherapy & Body Sculpting

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Body sculpting is the process by which areas such as the stomach, neck, legs, arms and face are defined and contoured using a cosmetic procedure. One such procedure is mesotherapy. The areas that require defining are subjected amino acids and vitamins being applied to the mesoderm via standard mesotherapy injections or the Transderm System.

The vitamins and amino acids used in the mesotherapy are included to reduce the sagging appearance of the skin. In addition to these, medications are included to dissolve fat so that the area can be contoured to a more tight and toned appearance.

What ingredients are used?

The ingredients in the mesotherapy injections are dependent on the patient’s individual requirements; this will increase the chances of the treatment being a success. The results of the body contouring mesotherapy tend to be seen and measured by the number of inches lost, however this can take up to a month to achieve. To obtain the desired effects, you will also be required to combine the procedure with a suitable diet as well as exercise, in the long-term.

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