Risks & Side Effects of Mesotherapy

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As with every procedure that aims to change your appearance, there are some risks involved and a chance of complications occurring. While the side effects are rare and minimal, it is still very important that you consider them before committing yourself to undergoing the mesotherapy treatment.

The risks of mesotherapy are very low and as of yet, there have been no reported fatalities as a result of the treatment. It seems that risks are more prevalent in areas where medical guidelines are more relaxed and when a trained professional does not perform the treatment. This was once an issue in Brazil, where the treatment was being offered by untrained individuals, such as hairdressers, who took advantage of the high demand for mesotherapy.

The main risk associated with mesotherapy is the obtaining of a severe skin infection, but this is more common if the procedure is performed in an unclean environment. In general, side effects are much less serious and are extremely rare.

If you happen to have a low pain threshold, then you may be administered a local anaesthetic, which is applied to the skin for numbing purposes. If you are not given the anaesthetic then you may feel a low level of pain or discomfort when the injections are being given.

Another potential side effect of the actual administration of the injections is a burning sensation. This is generally a result of the ingredients working away to eliminate the fat. This is a relatively common, short-term side effect during the treatment and is not considered serious but if you are at all worried then make your practitioner aware immediately. Furthermore, you may experience some numbness in the area where the mesotherapy was performed, but this should ease within the two weeks after the procedure.

Common Side Effects

More prevalent side effects that result from mesotherapy include the appearance of bruises and swelling at the site where the treatment was performed. You may also experience some itching in these locations, however this should last less that a day.

The bruising side effect appears at the areas where the injections were administered. To try and ease this, your practitioner may advise that you apply certain creams to the area but do not use any that have not been recommended as it may cause irritation. In addition to applying creams, you should also wear loose clothes for the first couple of days after your procedure and avoid returning immediately to vigorous activities such as cardiovascular exercise or weights training. It is vital that you follow your practitioner’s advice to get rid of bruising quickly, as you are unable to undergo any subsequent mesotherapy treatments until the bruising is gone.

The other common side effect of swelling is also often present at the locations where the injections were given. The swelling will most likely be seen as small, raised bumps and they should not be painful to touch. These lumps should subside within a couple of days.

If you are worried at all after your mesotherapy treatment, then you should contact your practitioner as soon as possible to ensure you are not experiencing any harmful side effects.

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