Mesotherapy & Injection Lipolysis

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It would seem that the term ‘mesotherapy’ is a lot broader than it first appears. Many people use it interchangeably with ‘lipodissolve’, which is another name for the procedure described. However, some also use the name ‘mesotherapy’ to describe a technique called injection lipolysis.

There is a similarity between mesotherapy and injection lipolysis, in that both processes can be used to remove fat with the employment of injections. Despite this, there are a significant number of differences that you should consider when choosing which of the two treatments to undergo.

Standard ingredients

A key difference is the ingredients used to make up the injections in each of the two procedures. In injection lipolysis, there is one standard ingredient called phosphatidylcholine (PPC). This ingredient is often combined with a number of minerals and vitamins to aid the fat breakdown and speed up the process. If PPC is not an ingredient, then the treatment cannot be called injection lipolysis. In contrast, mesotherapy can include any number of ingredients – there is no particular ingredient that must be included. Many practitioners who administer mesotherapy favour certain mixtures of ingredients, which can then be tailored to benefit each individual patient.

Types of ingredients

In addition to the presence of standard ingredients, there is also a difference in terms of the types of ingredients incorporated into each treatment. In mesotherapy, the recipe involves many ingredients that are known as homeopathic. These are substances such as minerals, enzymes and vitamins. Alternatively, in injection lipolysis, the ingredients are generally known as ‘active’. These work primarily by actively breaking down the fat cells in the layer into which it is injected.

Where is the injection applied?

Furthermore, a difference between mesotherapy and injection lipolysis is the part of the skin into which the ingredients are injected. During the mesotherapy procedure, the solution is injected into a very deep layer of the skin called the mesoderm. This is done in order to achieve sufficient results due to contact with the lymphatic and blood systems. On the other hand, injection lipolysis involves the injections being administered to the layer of fat that lies just underneath the skin.

Which of the two procedures is safest?

It is difficult to say as both mesotherapy and injection lipolysis lack approval from the FDA (Food and Drug Association). The FDA tends to work by testing and reviewing procedures to decide if they are safe for the public. Therefore, this factor is rather important and worth considering. If you still decide to undergo one of the treatments, you should obtain and accurate, detail list of all the ingredients and devices that will be used during your individual procedure and should check that each point on the list has gained FDA approval.

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