Mesotherapy & Weight Loss

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Mesotherapy for the purposes of weight loss is a relatively common use for the procedure. It is used to aid the slimming process by modifying the fat cells in the area being treated. It apparently prevents the fat from accumulating as well as encouraging fat already in the body to be excreted and used as fuel for the body through metabolism. The weight loss and body sculpting purposes of mesotherapy appear to go hand in hand as the treatment is only effective on localised areas.

The mesotherapy treatment is now known as a good alternative to liposuction. Advantages of the mesotherapy over liposuction include less pain as well as a lack of invasiveness. There is also a significantly quicker recovery time, therefore people can achieve similar results without having to miss out on work or social events.

Where can Mesotherapy be used for Weight Loss?

Mesotherapy for weight loss can be performed wherever you feel that fat needs to be lost. It is a very area-specific treatment as it only works where it is performed, such as on the abdomen, legs, or hips. In addition, to achieve the desired results, you must complement the procedure with an appropriate diet as well as regular exercise. You may be able to formulate a diet and exercise plan prior with your mesotherapy practitioner prior to the treatment.

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