Mesotherapy Treatment Consultation & Procedure

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The mesotherapy process can be separated into two distinct parts – the pre-treatment consultation and the actual procedure.

The Consultation

It is very important that before you undergo the mesotherapy procedure, you fully understand the process and what to expect both during it and afterwards. You should discuss your justifications for wanting the treatment as well as your expectations with the practitioner prior to the therapy. This will allow you to develop a clear and accurate idea as to how the treatment will affect you. During the discussion, you will also be given the opportunity to learn about or ask questions about any potential risks or side effects as well.

At the pre-mesotherapy meeting, you should be prepared to have your medical history questioned and analysed. This is just a way for the practitioner to ensure that the treatment is suitable for you and that there will be no unforeseen dangers. Usually, you will then be required to sign a consent form to declare that you are aware of and have accepted the risks and benefits that can result from the mesotherapy.

It is possible that your practitioner may then take a photo of the area being treated. This allows post-procedure comparisons to be made so both you and the practitioner can see the difference. You may also be asked if it would be ok for the practitioner to use the photos of examples for future patients who are looking to have mesotherapy for the same or similar reasons.

The Procedure

The mesotherapy procedure varies depending on the technology used.

Firstly is the standard needle technique. A licensed practitioner will perform this version of mesotherapy using a small, fine needle to inject the specifically chosen ingredients into the mesoderm of the skin.

The location of the injection is dependent on what you are having treated: it is localised. The needle is always only inserted at a shallow depth into the skin. However, the actual number of injections done as well as the concentration of each ingredient is dependent on the individual patient. However, in general, each penetration is approximately one inch away from the last.

Sometimes a “multi-pricking” technique is employed. This involves many quick, shallow injections are made in a localised spot. This can be done manually by hand or alternatively; a gun system may be used. Once the injections have been completed, the ingredients break down the excess fat so it can be removed.

In general, the injection mesotherapy method is rather time-consuming. Not only this, but sometimes more than 100 injection penetrations are needed to sufficiently treat the area. All in all, this can sometime cause the patient to become anxious and some may even require an anaesthetic numbing cream in case of pain and/or discomfort.

Another technique that may be employed is needle free mesotherapy. This method is also sometimes referred to as the Ultrapeel Transderm Ionto System. This technique has been approved by the FDA and involves delivering the mesotherapy ingredients into the skin without having to use any injections. Instead, the machine exfoliates the skin and passes the medications into the mesoderm via small, electrical pulses.

Usually, the Transderm System does not take too much time and recovery is minimal. Sometimes there can be a very low level of discomfort during the procedure if you have sensitive skin, but normally this subsides as you get used to it.

Future Procedures

Most people do notice a difference after one or two mesotherapy sessions; however, the average number of sessions that are needed to obtain the desired results is seven. It is then recommended that to maintain this result, you undergo “upkeep” sessions once a month. More precisely, future treatments depend on the type of mesotherapy you had, the condition being treated and the extent of the problem.

If standard needle mesotherapy was the procedure that you underwent, then it is probable that you will require repeat treatments even ten to fourteen days. The exact pattern of treatments will be determined by the size of the area of your body that is undergoing the treatment.

If you have undergone mesotherapy treatment for the purpose of reducing fat, you will also need to adopt a diet and exercise plan. This normal consists of you reducing your intake of carbohydrates and becoming more active.

Restrictions after Mesotherapy

There are a few broad restrictions that may be suggested after your mesotherapy session. These restrictions are determined by which part of your body was treated and the condition of that area. However, the general outlines are:

  • Try to avoid taking part in any vigorous exercising for the 48 hours following the procedure.
  • Don’t put on any make up for 4 hours after mesotherapy.
  • Steer clear of taking a hot shower for 8 hours after the treatment.
  • Straight after having the mesotherapy injections, wear loose fitting clothing.

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