Mesotherapy & Wrinkles

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Face and neck wrinkles are unfortunately a natural result of growing older, and they can age our appearance dramatically. Therefore, it is no surprise that many people are seeking a procedure that will reduce or remove the wrinkles. The lines that appear on our face are a result of the skin losing its elasticity. This skin issue seems to especially be a problem for those with certain lifestyle habits such as smoking and regular UV exposure due to sunbathing or sunbed use.

The appearance of wrinkles is often noticeable as a result of skin sagging and deep lines. It can also be more locally characterised by “crow’s feet” at the corner of the eyes and “lip lines” around the lips. Some even notice that their skin develops the look of leather, which is a tell tale sign of age and lifestyle. To try and ease these signs of aging, numerous people are now undergoing the mesotherapy procedure.

How can Mesotherapy help?

The mesotherapy treatment for wrinkles is more used for prevention in younger people, aged 18 and upward, as opposed to actual wrinkle removal. However, if you do wish to undergo the procedure to reduce the appearance of formed wrinkles then you will require a number of consecutive treatments throughout the course of each year.

The actual mesotherapy process for wrinkle removal involves the usual injection of various amino acids, minerals and vitamins into the skin. The procedure itself is quick and aims to increase and maintain the skin’s elasticity and toned appearance. Not only this but the therapy is completely non-invasive and therefore leaves no scars or potential unpleasant side effects due to misplaced fillers or over-tightening of the skin (adverse effects of alternative cosmetic procedures).

What can I expect from Mesotherapy for Wrinkles?

If you do decide to undergo mesotherapy to remove your wrinkles, then you should be prepared to commit yourself to it in the long-term. You must have many mesotherapy sessions over a significant period of time, which can become rather costly and inconvenient. However, the results of the treatment are often obvious and pleasing and can be aided and improved further with the use of various anti-wrinkle creams currently on the market.

Your practitioner may also recommend that you change your diet and exercise to complement your mesotherapy treatment. This is to get rid of toxins from the body and help the skin become healthier. You should also regularly moisturise your skin and wear sunscreen on a daily basis.

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