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There appears to be a lot of confusion these days with whether you should undergo mesotherapy or liposuction, as they have both been advertised to improve and resolve similar problems. Liposuction is more widely known across the globe, however mesotherapy is innovative, non-invasive and is massively increasing in popularity.

Many people are completely clueless when it comes to determining which of the two procedures is better and most suited to their needs. But it should be recognised that in terms of cellulite treatment, one procedure is ideal whereas the other is actually known to make it worse.

Liposuction is a surgical cosmetic treatment that is used by many people to get rid of excess fat in a localised part of their body; for this purpose, the procedure is extremely useful. However, liposuction is not a suitable treatment if you will to improve the appearance of any cellulite you may have. In fact, if you do undergo liposuction in areas where cellulite exists, then it is probable that it will end up looking even worse and more obvious.

Contrastingly, mesotherapy does not involve any penetrative surgery and it is therefore classed as non-invasive; a factor that many deem as a benefit to the treatment. The procedure is effective for the purposes of losing weight in specific areas as well as significantly improving the appearance of cellulite. To do so, injections are used around the area of the body undergoing treatment. Although this may sound somewhat painful, local anaesthetic is usually applied to the skin prior to treatment so the needle aspect should actual carry minimal pain.

If you undergo the mesotherapy option, you will do so as an outpatient. This means that you can leave the clinic on the same day that you have your treatment. You are also able to return to work and other everyday activities the very next day (although there are some minor restrictions that will be explained to you). This makes the procedure altogether less time-consuming and costly. This is very different if you choose to have liposuction, as you will require two weeks off work to recover. This means you will lose out of work wages, which can be made more financially negative due to the fact that liposuction is about ten times more costly ($5,000 to $10,000) than mesotherapy ($300 to $800) per session.

The side effects of the two treatments also differ and should be taken into account when choosing which option to take. Primarily, with liposuction it has been noted that when weight is gained after the procedure, it is gained in odd places on the body; this is not the case after mesotherapy. Also, the pain after the procedure is significantly less with mesotherapy with just a low level of bruising, swelling and localised discomfort. After liposuction, many patients report a much higher amount of bruising and pain that lasts longer.

Summary of the major differences

Firstly, liposuction is in fact a surgical procedure, whereas mesotherapy is non-invasive. This in turn gives rise to the difference in recovery time, which is absent with mesotherapy compared to two weeks with liposuction. During this recovery time, you may notice bruising after both procedures, however the bruising will be minimal with mesotherapy but more apparent after liposuction.

The procedure itself also varies. Notably, if you are undergoing treatment for cellulite then mesotherapy is most suitable, as liposuction cannot be performed on areas of the body that have cellulite. Also, liposuction involves the actual fat cells being removed. This is difference to mesotherapy as in this treatment, the practitioner works by eliminating the fat from the cells rather than the actual, physical cell itself.

Finally, after the procedures the recovery and results are significantly different. Immediately after liposuction, you will be required to wear restrictive items of clothing for a few weeks, whereas you should wear loose clothing after mesotherapy. Not only this but the results can be seen in a matter of weeks with mesotherapy compared with up to three months for liposuction.

You may notice that if you have had liposuction, you skin is looser in the areas treated and that if you gain weight, it is done so in an abnormal fashion all over the body. On the other hand, with mesotherapy, the skin is tighter and more toned after the treatment. In addition, any weight gain that occurs will be localised to the area at which it was removed through the procedure.

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