How do I Find a Mesotherapist?

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It is very important that you find a professional qualified mesotherapist who has sufficient experience in the mesotherapy procedure. The practitioner must be a DO or an MD as this proves that they are medically trained. They should also have obtained “ACCME Approved Continuing Medical Education Credits”. In addition to this, it is advised that you look for a practitioner who has undergone training at a school known as the Bissoon Institute of Mesotherapy.

Other aspects to consider

Although qualifications and experience are extremely important, you should also seek a mesotherapist who is friendly, polite and who you can trust. There are a number of things you should consider when choosing your mesotherapist, including:

  • Is the mesotherapist willing an able to answer any questions that you have? Is the answer supplied sufficient and accurate?
  • Does the mesotherapist have the correct qualifications and a license that labels them capable of performing the treatment? Do not be afraid to ask the practitioner to see proof of their qualifications.
  • Is the mesotherapist able to supply you with an accurate and detailed list of all the products and devices that will be used in your individual mesotherapy procedure?
  • Is the mesotherapist willing to provide you with any written testimonies from any individuals that have previously undergone mesotherapy by them?
  • Failing the above, is the mesotherapist able to offer some contact details of any previous patients who will be happy to honestly talk to you about their experience?

The consultation is the best time to determine if the mesotherapist is the right person for you. It is advisable to attend a number of consultations and compared the experiences. This will provide you with a rounded perspective to the procedure and will also give you enough information to pick which practitioner is best to perform your mesotherapy treatment.

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