Uses of Mesotherapy

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Mesotherapy is a cosmetic treatment that can be used to try and resolve a variety of different issues. Such issues can range from cosmetic to medical and the extent to which the mesotherapy can have an effect does vary.

Some of the more cosmetic purposes of obtaining mesotherapy are:

  • Weight loss: To aid in weight loss, the injections supply certain ingredients that work against fat in specific areas of the body. Apparently, mesotherapy modifies fat cells by stimulating stored fat to be released whilst preventing fat accumulation. To complement the mesotherapy, you will be required to change your diet and lifestyle.
  • Reducing the appearance of cellulite: There are a number of causes that lie behind cellulite, including hormonal imbalance and bad circulation. The extent of the condition can be categorised into four different phases depending on how it currently appears whilst you are in different positions (lying down, standing and if you pinch the skin). To resolve the cellulite issue, mesotherapy is often employed in an attempt to eliminate excess fat deposits, improve your circulation as well as making your connective tissue stronger.
  • Body sculpting: Mesotherapy can be used in addition to contouring to define the appearance of your legs, arms, hands, back and abdomen. This is possible as some of the amino acid and vitamin ingredients act by tightening up loose skin. The ingredients incorporated into the injection which dissolve any excess fat, further complement this.
  • Hair regrowth: Men and women can experience losing hair during their lives due to a condition called alopecia. This disorder can often result from high levels of dihydrotestoterone (DHT), poor circulation or issues with nutrition. To aid the hair loss problem, mesotherapy can apparently trigger the hair follicles to regrow hair in the areas from which it was lost.
  • Improving the appearance of the face and neck: Many people notice that their skin starts to lose its definition and youthful appearance over time. This is generally a result of fat built up, damage from factors such as sunlight as well as the skin loosing its elasticity. Mesotherapy aims to rejuvenate the face and neck through the injection of certain amino acids and antioxidants. These seem to work in the body by removing excess fat, tightening up the skin and eliminating the results of skin damage.

Alternatively, you may undergo mesotherapy for a medical use. There are a vast number of potential medical uses due to the ability to tailor mesotherapy to an individual patient; these uses include the treatment of:

  • Stress
  • Spasming muscles
  • Reflex sympathetic dystrophy (RSD)
  • Osteoarthritis

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