Does Mesotherapy Hurt?

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Most patients report that their mesotherapy procedure was not painful. However, some do suffer from a low level of discomfort. Any potential pain and discomfort is minimalized by the use of an extremely fine needle as well as the occasional application of topical anaesthetic.

When comparing to the surgical alternative of liposuction, mesotherapy is a much less painful option. Despite this, the locations at which the injections were administered may be slightly tender and swollen for a short while after the treatment.

What do I do if I’m worried about it hurting?

If you are concerned about any pain that may be associated with the mesotherapy treatment, then discuss this with your practitioner prior to your procedure. This will open the floor for discussion as to whether it would be appropriate to apply a topical local anaesthetic to the area undergoing treatment. This anaesthetic will be put directly onto the skin’s surface. It then works by numbing the local area so that you will not feel the fine needles penetrating the skin.

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