Cost of Mesotherapy

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The price of mesotherapy varies depending on the clinic, practitioner, the area of the body being treated as well as the problem being resolved. It is most common for the costs of mesotherapy to be ‘per session’, however, if it is obvious that you will require a number of sessions, then you may be able to pay a special price for bulk booking.

In the USA the cost has been estimated at around $300-$800 per session whereas in the UK, the approximate cost of a mesotherapy session is between £200 and £700. Alternatively, at the lower end, you may expect to pay £1,500 if you wish to book a course of eight mesotherapy sessions. £200-£700 may seem expensive since it is common that several treatments may be required; however, some clinics offer the treatment for as little as £50 per session.

Is mesotherapy available on the NHS?

The National Health Service (NHS) sometimes offers funding for certain procedures. They maintain numerous guidelines that should be abided by in order to obtain NHS funded treatment. However in general, they will only pay for the treatment if it will significantly improve the patient’s life whether it is in a physical, mental or emotional way.

Mesotherapy is a cosmetic procedure, and as a whole, the NHS rarely offers funding for cosmetic treatments unless they are required for the purposes of reconstruction. This reconstruction may be needed as a result of an accident or illness. Not only this but, mesotherapy is an elective surgery that is not necessarily needed by the patient to improve their life and therefore it is improbable that the NHS will fund it.

However, if you approach you GP and explain your reasons behind wanting to undergo mesotherapy and they deem it medically beneficial to your life, then they may refer you to a practitioner. If this does not happen, your GP may at least be able to recommend a good, suitable practitioner to carry out your mesotherapy treatment for a price that will suit your budget.

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