Mesotherapy & Cellulite Reduction

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Cellulite is visualised as a dimpling of the skin. It most frequently occurs on the stomach, buttocks, hips and thighs where the connective tissue attaches tightly to the skin and traps fat. Cellulite is an extremely common condition that is though to affect 90% of women across all sizes and ages.

Cellulite can be treated by mesotherapy so long as it is correctly injected into the area affected. The ingredients in the injection are dependent on the level of cellulite present. These levels can be categorised into four distinct stages depending on the appearance of the cellulite when stood up, lay down and when the skin is pinched. These stages are:

  • Stage 0: At this level, you cannot see any signs of cellulite even if the skin is pinched.
  • Stage 1: When you are stood up or lay down, you cannot see the cellulite. However, it does become visible if you pinch the skin.
  • Stage 2: You can see the cellulite when you pinch the skin and are stood up, but it is not noticeable when lay down.
  • Stage 3: This is the level at which the cellulite is most visible. It is apparent when you are stood, lay or pinching the skin.

It is possible to deliver the medications through both the standard needle mesotherapy technique as well as the needleless, Transderm System. Either way, the medications act upon the fat cells in the area concerned. They stimulate the cells to release the fat into the body so you can then use it as fuel and burn it through metabolism. An additional benefit of mesotherapy in the treatment of cellulite is that it can eliminate the connective tissue that holds the skin and traps the fat, so future cellulite problems are less likely in that location.

What are the Results of Mesotherapy for Cellulite?

The results of mesotherapy for cellulite reduction is that the skin appears less dimpled. Not only this but you may also notice some weight loss in the areas treated. However, cellulite is chronic and so to achieve such results, you may need to attend up to 15 initial mesotherapy sessions as well as future maintenance sessions.

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