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The UK is lucky in that it is home to a range of different sources of advice, support, and if necessary, treatment, meaning that there will be something to suit and help you whatever your situation. So if you are having trouble making the momentous decision of whether or not to start a family on your own. The main division in these sources of support is undoubtedly between the private and public healthcare sectors, each of which bring different advantages and disadvantages to the table, there are also other sources of support and help, which are discussed in this article.

Support from the Public Sector (NHS)

The NHS provides support for issues like the decision about whether or not to have a baby through your GP, the doctor responsible for your care and well being in more general terms. A GP will most likely be able to give you advice pertaining to medical concerns, but if you have a more personal relationship with your general practitioner they may be able to provide more personal advice. Generally speaking however, a GP is more suited to discussing concerns about issues like hereditary illness and fertility. These can be major factors in the process of deciding whether or not to go ahead and get pregnant, and as such your GP can provide you with invaluable advice and information.

The NHS can also provide support through online resources, most notably NHS Choices. NHS Choices aims to provide a source of accurate and easy to access information on issues like pregnancy and getting pregnant.

Support from Private Maternity Clinics

As far as deciding on whether or not to get pregnant is concerned, the private sector can offer counselling with a trained professional and medical consults with a doctor who will be able to address your medical concerns about a potential pregnancy. The downside of seeking private help in this matter is usually the cost, but the advantages tend to be an efficient service where you get the advice you want quickly and effectively. Private healthcare providers like BUPA are also great sources of online information and support, which is easy to access and offers some peace of mind in that the information will be reliably sourced.

Both the NHS and the private sector are more geared towards providing care, advice, and more for people who are in the process of getting pregnant, in the early stages of pregnancy, and at the various points after that.

Other sources of support

In the modern world the Internet is a source of many different easy to access services, which include a number of websites and forums, which will focus on providing support to couples looking to start a family. Where Internet advice and help is concerned however, you should always be careful to assess the information provided to you by people who are not qualified healthcare professionals or from websites with questionable credentials.

Finally, friends and family can be a fantastic source of support as they will possess a unique insight into your particular situation, and can give advice that is particularly tailored to you and based on knowledge of your life.

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