Are 3D and 4D Baby Scans Safe?

Research shows that 3D baby scans are safe; however, it is best to keep scans fairly short and to only have one of this type of scan, as you do not want to expose your baby to a higher dose of ultrasound than is required. Ideally, ultrasound scans should be completed within half an hour. Ultrasound has been used for several decades and it has a range of uses within medicine; many people are aware of its benefits in terms of showing expectant parents and doctors clear images of a foetus developing in the womb, but it can also be a very useful diagnostic and treatment planning tool. Typically, ultrasound scans are recommended when there is a clear medical need for them, for example, to confirm a foetal heartbeat, determine how many foetuses are present or help to diagnose a soft tissue injury, but they should not be over-used. A short dose of ultrasound will do the baby no harm; however, it may be best to avoid organising multiple scans if the pregnancy is progressing normally and to avoid long appointments. In terms of safety, there are no greater risks involved with 3D scans than 2D scans.

4D private baby ultrasound scans are also a safe means of seeing your baby in clear detail with the added bonus of being able to watch them moving around. Like 2D and 3D scans, 4D ultrasound scans are considered safe; however, it is best to avoid frequent scans if there is no medical need and to stick to appointments that are between 15 and 30 minutes long.   

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