How Much Does A Private Baby Scan Cost?

Cost is a major factor for many people when they are choosing whether or not to use NHS or private services. In the case of baby scanning, NHS baby scans are available free of charge; however, there may be a small charge for scan images. The cost of private scans varies according to the type of scan and the clinic you visit; with private services, there is no set fee, so the charges vary. If you do choose to go privately, it’s always a good idea to get a full written quote before you agree to go ahead with treatment; many clinics offer inclusive packages, which include the cost of the scan, as well as extras, such as the scan photographs.

NHS pregnancy tests take place in antenatal departments of hospitals, while private scans are carried out at private healthcare facilities. Generally speaking, you have a much greater choice of locations if you choose to have a private scan and the facilities tend to be more modern, with private rooms and the latest amenities. Hence, you are paying for these advantages. In some cases, there may be a wait for NHS services; in contrast, there is usually no waiting time for private scans.

The cost of private baby scans varies according to the type of scan and the clinic you visit; some scans are more expensive than others and clinics set their own fees, so you may find that there are significant variations, especially in different areas of the country.

Here is a general guide to how much you can expect to pay for various types of private baby scan:

  • Early pregnancy scan: between £100 and £150
  • Dating scan: around £100
  • Gender scan: around £50-£75
  • NT (nuchal translucency): around £150-£200
  • Detailed scan: around £130-£160
  • Growth scan: around £100
  • NIPT (non-invasive prenatal testing)- between £400 and £750

Before you agree to have a private scan, it’s always a good idea to make sure you are aware of the total cost, so that you don’t get any unexpected surprises when it comes to making a payment.

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