Preparing For A Private Baby Scan

There is no real preparation required for an ultrasound pregnancy scan; however, you should try to drink at least half a litre of fluid shortly before your scan and avoid going to the toilet to empty your bladder. A full bladder helps to sonographer to see the baby in more detail. Although it may feel uncomfortable, try your best to avoid emptying your bladder, as you may nee to repeat the test if the sonographer is unable to get the images they want or need; the scan should only last around 20 minutes and you’ll be free to go the toilet as soon as it has finished.

When you arrive at the clinic, you will be asked to give your name at reception and you will then be shown to a private room to have your scan. You won’t need to get undressed, but you will be advised to lift your top and roll down the top of your trousers or skirt so that the sonographer can access your tummy easily and gain clear images; as you need to have the whole of your tummy out for the duration of the scan, it is usually easier to wear two pieces of clothing, such as a top and trousers, rather than a dress, for example, as this will help you to maintain your privacy and ensure that you feel comfortable.

If you have any questions about what is going to happen during your scan and what you will be able to see on the screen as they move the scanning probe over your skin, don’t hesitate to ask. When your sonographer is ready to begin the scan, they will check that you are ready and then start the procedure, which should last around 20 minutes.

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