Pregnancy & Genetic Counselling

Deciding to go for a genetic screen is a major decision that can impact whether or not you have a child. If you are preparing for a pregnancy and are concerned about your child inheriting a genetic disease then you are likely to be considering a genetic screen. Fortunately there are professionals trained to help you decide whether or not to go ahead with a genetic test, and who are able to prepare you for the test.

Why should I have genetic counselling?

Genetic counselling is a good idea for anyone who is interested in pursuing a genetic test or screen for a particular heritable disease. This is because finding out that you are carrying or susceptible to a genetic disease can have far reaching consequences, and it is important to be emotionally and mentally prepared for what a test can reveal.

As far as starting a family is concerned, finding out that you or your partner can pass on a genetic disease can have a serious impact on your decision to go ahead and conceive a child. Genetic counselling can really help you face the news, and help you reach the best decision for you, your partner, and your future child.

What are the benefits of genetic counselling?

Finding out that you have a genetic disease which can potentially affect your life or the lives of any children you might have is an undeniably difficult experience. The main benefit of genetic counselling is that you will be provided with much needed support from a professional experienced in dealing with the situation. A trained genetic counsellor will know how to help, providing you with any information you need on how to best proceed after the results of a genetic screen or test.

Where can I get genetic counselling in the UK?

Because of the growing role that genetic services play in modern medicine, genetic counselling is now more widely available in the UK than it has been in the past. Counselling is provided through your region’s NHS genetic services, and if you have been referred to the service by your GP he or she will be able to give you more information about counselling, as will the service itself.

Genetic counselling is also available through a number of private healthcare providers, although as is the case with all private medicine, you will have to pay for your sessions. You can usually obtain these sessions prior to, alongside, or even after a genetic test which you have sought either on the NHS or privately.

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