After a Baby Scan

In the majority of cases, scans take place without any problems and you can rest assured that your pregnancy is progressing well and take it easy until your next scheduled scan. There are no after effects of an ultrasound and if everything is fine, you probably won’t need another scan until 20 weeks if you have had your 12 week scan or until your baby arrives if you have just had your 20 week scan.

In some cases, if the baby is lying awkwardly and you wanted to know the gender, you may be advised to book another scan.

If you have had a scan and the baby was in an abnormal position or the placenta was not quite where it should be, you may be advised to have another scan before the next scheduled scan in order to see if the baby or the placenta have moved. If the baby is breech, for example, and you are close to your due date, it may be necessary to organise a Caesarean section.

If you have a scan or you undergo screening tests and the sonographer raises concerns, you will be referred for antenatal care; this is predominantly provided by NHS services, but there are some private antenatal services available. Initially, it is common to undergo diagnostic testing and this will enable health professionals to gauge a better idea of how the baby is developing and whether or not they are at risk of birth defects or inherited conditions. Once tests have been carried out, the care team can discuss their findings with you and discuss potential treatment options; in cases where the outlook is not so positive, you will be offered assistance, support and reassurance to help you make decisions related to your baby’s future. At every stage, you should be made aware of exactly what is going on, which procedures are required and what the results mean; if you have any questions at all, do not hesitate to ask.

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