Early Pregnancy Baby Scan

The early stages of pregnancy can be daunting, especially for first time parents and those who have suffered miscarriages or pregnancy complications in the past and many people may feel more comfortable and confident having an early scan, rather than waiting until the dating scan at 12 weeks. Early scans can be done from 6 weeks onwards. Most people find out that they are pregnant from 5 weeks onwards as a result of missing a period and the remaining 6-7 weeks can be nervy while you wait for your first scan; with an early scan, you can check that everything is progressing as expected, giving you reassurance.

At an early scan, ultrasound can confirm the presence of a foetus, confirm the number of foetuses (single or multiple) and check for a heartbeat. The scan will also enable the sonographer to have a brief look at the pelvis and ovaries and give an approximate idea of the due date; some basic measurements can also be taken at this stage.

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