Private Genetic Counselling During Pregnancy

Genetic counselling can be a very helpful process when it comes to facing genetic tests and screens, the results of which can have far reaching consequences on your life and that of your partner and future child. While genetic counselling is available on the NHS, the referral system can sometimes take much longer than you might like. Private counselling might be a good option if you are interested in speeding up the process and getting counselling more quickly.

Where is genetic counselling available privately?

As many private healthcare providers have branched into providing genetic tests for their patients, some now offer genetic counselling as part of their services. This will vary extensively from provider to provider, but if you are interested in looking into private genetic counselling then private providers’ websites are a good place to start. A quick phone call to these providers is also a good way to inquire about genetic counselling quickly and effectively.

What are the benefits of pursuing genetic counselling privately?

The main advantage to private genetic counselling is that it can take much less time to get an appointment as you don’t need to go through the NHS’ extensive referral system and waiting lists. Seeking private genetic counselling is quite straightforward, and the only downside for many people is cost of pursuing private appointments.

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