Who Can Go To A Private Baby Scan?

You can bring others with you to a scan; most people choose to bring their other half, but you could also bring a sibling, a parent or a close friend. Different clinics may adopt varying policies when it comes to the number of people you have with you and there may be advisory rules related to bringing children, but generally speaking, you will be allowed to take whoever you want with you to your scan. If you have any questions about who you can bring, simply give the clinic a call in advance and ask.

It can be tempting to get very excited about scans and to invite lots of people; however, it is important to remember that there is a risk of complications, which may be detected by the scan and you may want to enjoy the privacy of your first two scans with your partner or your birthing partner. Of course, the decision is up to you, but it is worth bearing in mind that scans don’t always go to plan before you invite people to come with you; some people also enjoy sharing that special moment when they see their baby just with their other half and you can arrange subsequent scans if you wish for more family members to be involved. You could also take one or two people with you and then show everyone else the images from your scan once you know that everything is progressing well.

It can be a difficult decision whether to take your other children to a scan when you’re having a baby; some people don’t take their children to any scans while others are desperate for them to be there at every step of the pregnancy. Again, the decision is up to you, but you should always check with the hospital or clinic before you go, as some operate a no-child policy.

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