NT (Nuchal Translucency) During Pregnancy

Private nuchal translucency (NT) testing is used to screen for Down’s syndrome and it is available from 11-14 weeks. This test involves collecting a small sample of fluid from the nuchal fold, which is located at the back of the baby’s neck. The fluid sample is analysed, along with measurements and a blood sample to determine the risk of Down’s syndrome. Please note that this test is not a diagnostic test and it can only ascertain the risk; if your test shows that there is a high risk of the baby having Down’s syndrome, you may be advised to have additional tests to confirm a diagnosis and all your options will be discussed with you; if you have a high risk result, you do not have to undergo additional testing, although it may be recommended so that you can prepare for the rest of your pregnancy and also so that specialise care can be made available for the baby as soon as it is born. It is understandable to feel worried and confused at this time and help and support are available. There is no special preparation required for this test; however, you are advised to avoid emptying your bladder before the scan and it is best to wear a top and skirt or trousers, so that your tummy can be exposed easily.

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