Private Antenatal Care

There are a number of alternatives to the NHS when it comes to antenatal care. These are private healthcare providers who either have a specialist antenatal department, or specialist pregnancy care providers.

Why go private for antenatal care?

There are many reasons for which people choose private antenatal care over NHS care. Private care offers the distinct advantage of a service that is more readily available than NHS equivalents. The NHS can only offer so much in terms of antenatal care as it is obliged to provide its services to communities across the UK, however private healthcare caters to a much smaller clientele that pays for its services and appointments.

Private care is unlikely to have an appointment cap like the NHS does, meaning that provided you are able and willing to pay for sessions, you can arrange check-ups as frequently as you like. The only limitation being cost and your doctor’s schedule.

What antenatal care is available privately?

With private healthcare you get what you pay for, so the level of antenatal care provided depends on you entirely. Many providers offer a complete antenatal package that will include regular appointments and scans. Alternatively you can choose to go for particular antenatal sessions or classes on their own. For example if you would like a particular ultrasound done at your convenience, you can arrange for that on its own through private healthcare.

Private providers also offer a range of different options in terms of antenatal tests that may not be available on the NHS.

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