Gender Baby Scans

A growing number of people wish to find out the sex of their baby and with a private gender scan, you can do this between 17 and 23 weeks. Some people wish to find out the sex of their baby because they are desperate for a boy or a girl, some are too excited to wait and others wish to find out so that they can plan for their new arrival. As well as confirming the gender of the baby, the scan is also used to check the baby’s growth and heartbeat.

Ultrasound scans do not guarantee 100 per cent accuracy when it comes to gender, but they are right in the majority of cases. If the baby is lying in an awkward position or it is not clear which sex the baby is, the sonographer may recommend another scan; they will not give the sex of the foetus without being sure.

Before the scan, it is best to have a large drink and avoid going to the toilet, so that your bladder is full. The gender scan usually only takes around 15 minutes.

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