Coping and Preparing for Labour

As you approach your due date, the idea of labour can become increasingly daunting. There are useful steps you can take in preparation for childbirth however, and these can really help you through childbirth. This article details some of these measures, however your midwife will be an excellent source of great advice and information on how to best deal with labour.

Preparing for labour

While nausea and a loss of appetite are fairly common parts of pregnancy, eating small energy rich snacks and drinking sports drinks which are full of energy is a good way of preparing your body for labour and childbirth. Childbirth is very physically demanding, and making sure you have the energy you need to go through it is a great way to prepare for it.

Coping with labour

As labour begins some women like to keep moving, which can be quite a good way of coping with any stress you may experience. Moving around at the beginning of labour is safe, and you don’t need to worry about any potential consequences on the health of your child.

As your contractions become stronger and longer as labour goes on, there are a number of relaxation techniques which you can employ to help yourself deal with the situation. A number of antenatal classes teach these techniques as they can be invaluable tools, particularly during the early stages of labour.

Your partner can be a great source of comfort during childbirth, although it can sometimes feel like there isn’t much you can do as a partner for a pregnant lady. There are in fact a number of steps you can take towards making labour more bearable, participating in relaxation exercises with your partner for example, providing a pain relieving back rub, or even just being there and providing what emotional support you can.

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