Cost of a Gastric Bypass

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There are several options available to you when funding your Gastric Bypass Surgery. Similar to most methods of weight loss surgery, you have three options available to you. The NHS, private health care, or surgery abroad, each of the options have various price ranges, with the NHS covering the price of surgery for you, however you will need to meet specific guidelines set out by them. The price difference between UK private health clinics and clinics abroad is somewhat significant.


To qualify for surgery on the NHS it is important that you meet specific guidelines which are set out. You must have a BMI of 40 or above, or between 35 and 40 if you are suffering from any medical condition that could benefit from weight loss surgery. You will also need to prove you have tried all methods of weight loss prior to surgery, and that you are treating this procedure as a last resort. You must also be assessed as being fit and well enough for surgery, and you must also be willing to adapt your lifestyle completely to maximise the effectiveness of the procedure. Once you have met these requirements your case will be considered by numerous people, with regards to whether you qualify for NHS funding.

Going Private

The choice to go private can be influenced by many reasons and the price varies from clinic to clinic. You will also find that to undergo surgery you will need to meet similar requirements to those set out by the NHS. If you believe you meet these guidelines, then you will need to spend some time researching into private clinics and what type of package you wish to receive. Many clinics offer different prices due to the different types of support you may receive prior to or after your surgery. The average cost you will be looking at will be around the £10,000 mark, many private clinics will charge close to this price, with some charging up to £15,000, and others as little as £8,000. Again it all depends on what kind of bypassing surgery you will be receiving, as well as the type of aftercare you may be given.

Having A Gastric Bypass Abroad

Your third option when considering weight loss surgery is to have it completed abroad, many people choose this method on price alone, it is often seen as a much cheaper option. Surgeries abroad will usually be in Europe, and the prices range depending on what type of package you go for. Some clinics offer accommodation and air fare included in the overall price, whereas other clinics only offer the procedure. There is however a significant difference in the pricing compared to UK private clinics - with the average cost between £4,500 and £6,000. It can be seen that even if accommodation and airfare needed to be added, the surgery could still work out cheaper. When looking abroad however you need to ensure that you have researched into all aspects of the procedure, from the initial consultation right up until the aftercare.

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